Marine Plus formerly known as Reefnriver Aquariums was formed on the 24th of September, 2008.

MarinePlus is a family owned and operated Aquarium store located in Lonsdale, Adelaide, South Australia.

MarinePlus specialises in marine fish, corals and invertebrates. With 25 specially set-up marine fish displays and 16 coral displays housing in excess of 100 fish and well over 500 corals at any time. (Soon to be up-graded to 24 x 4ft coral display aquariums). Check out our Facebook Page for more photos of livestock up-dated weekly.

New Lonsdale Store

We are continuing looking at ways to upgrade and expand our range of freshwater livestock and products. With special emphasis on Discus and rare catfish species.

We currently build aquariums in house making custom aquariums a breeze no matter what size is required.


With the highest quality fish and accessories from MarinePlus you can have total confidence when setting up, or adding to your aquarium.

Please feel free to join our weekly up-dated livestock list at our Facebook Page